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I'm a scholar, not a... a sociopath.

...in public, at any rate.

Rabastan Lestrange
25 March 1961

\Mel*ior"i*ty\, n. [LL. melioritas, fr. L. melior. See Meliorate.] The state or quality of being better; melioration. [Obs.] --Bacon.

Rabastan Lestrange
Former Slytherin
St. Mungo's
Death Eater

Rabastan Lestrange is the kind of person who must have order. Those born of Muggles are a genetic anomaly. Muggleborns are walking reminders of the chaos in the wizarding world. He has taken it upon himself to do whatever he can to clear the Mudblood disgrace from the society, and has taken on the Dark Mark eagerly in order to begin true service to his Lord. Now he views himself as one ordained to mete out punishment to those who go against the true word of his Lord.

Born March 25th, 1961, to Eponine and Etienne Lestrange, a pureblooded French couple. Since Rabastan has been old enough to walk, he has eagerly followed in his brother's footsteps, and there is no graver insult to Rabastan than to insult his brother, as the elder Lestrange is more of a role model to Rabastan than he'd ever admit. As a member of one of the richer families of wizarding France and high reputation in Britain, Rabastan wanted for nothing. He was sorted into Slytherin with barely a thought by the Sorting Hat, and flourished there, despite that most everyone in Hogwarts, including and especially his dormmates, despised him. Once a misogynist, he found a girl with ambition, vanity, and bloodlust to match his own. On August 11, 1978, he made her his wife, Lille Lestrange. He became a father for the first time at the birth of his daughter Mireille on his own birthday, 25 March 1979, and is expecting a son.

I am not Rabastan Lestrange, nor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers; the former belongs to JK Rowling and the various publishers of Harry Potter, and the latter belongs to himself, I would hope. This is a journal with which I wreak havoc at leviosarpg.