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I have never been this angry in my life, for I've never been crossed so blatantly, looked down upon, brushed off LIKE I WAS NOTHING.

It has been two days and yet the anger has yet to fade. I'm unsure what to do to relieve it. I want to hurt him, but he was right - it would be most practical for us to go on as we do and not weaken the Cause.

I need to find someone to carry on the Cause in the coming year. Regulus can clearly not be trusted. It would be easy enough for someone else with potential to use him as a figurehead as I intended, particularly if he is going to continue the egoistical act he portrayed to me earlier.

If he wanted the Mark, he would have continued to pander. But he says he will do what he wants, and unless my Lord chooses to break him, then he will not act in the Dark Lord's service at all.

I must speak to Rodolphus at my arrival and ask his opinion. And tell Bellatrix of her dearest cousin's behavior.

I await my last examination, my Potions NEWT. I have little fear, merely excitement to finally determine my future with these exams and deal with no more suspense. I will admit that I am in part sad to leave this castle, not due to any of you.

Rather, my reminisce will more rely upon how lucky I was to attend Hogwarts rather than Beauxbatons, or perhaps I may have never found the cause which I hope to work towards for the rest of my life - that which is most important in times of war, the medical field, at St. Mungo's. Why, I would have gone to waste at Beauxbatons, and have been no help to those who need a ... helping hand, you might say? or guidance, in these times of violence.
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