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- Ancient Runes - 23rd, 1pm.
- Arithmancy - 24th, 9am.
- Charms - 25th, 11am.
- Transfiguration - 26th, 11am.
- Defense Against the Dark Arts - 27th, 3pm.
- Potions - 30th, 11am.

Of course, the easiest (yet most important) of them all falls on the last day. I have been preparing as of late and now have little to worry about, except the wedding, which is out of my hands. Yet I worry, because this is going to be an affair to remember for all of those who matter, and if anything goes badly... nothing will go badly. I need not worry about a thing.

Regulus is making trouble for me. I always suspected he would, but not in quite so loud a way. Does he wish to take the Mark, or is he just playing with me?


It is difficult, yet I am happy to grasp the idea that my time at Hogwarts is drawing to a close. Only a month left, and then I need never return to Britain.

I have begun all preparations to apply for a position at St. Mungo's, but naturally must prepare as well for the NEWTs which will determine if I am even allowed. I have no fear of that, however.

I am so anxious to hear news of Potter's Dueling Club - after all, before I emerge into the dangerous environment that is wizarding Britain, I must be fully prepared, yes?
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