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What I am doing is right. What I work for is right. Those who are suffering now are unaware that sacrifice is part of life, and what this sacrifice means. No one would listen to our words, our writing, our speeches, so this is what we must do to explain the situation to those who are too stubborn to hear. This is their punishment.

How much death must we surround people like Potter with, I must wonder, before he finally admits the truth? The death of Lily Evans, I'm sure, will achieve that, but I am not a fool - that is not an easy task. She is the darling of these blood traitors, and they will never see her dead. The death of Lily Evans would serve a great purpose, however.

Something to consider, in the future?

Potter, if nothing else, amuses me with his naïveté. However, that is no excuse to let him go on as he is.

I pity Severus. I always have, but I can now give him some slight degree of respect. We are on the same side (naturally) and he is not an idiot, which is a rarity of those who are not from the old families. I pity him because he clearly does not have the advantages of being from an old family. I would help him, if I could, and if I knew he would be in my debt.

The castle is, for once, quiet.

Thank you.
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