Rabastan Lestrange (meliority) wrote,
Rabastan Lestrange

I have lost patience with this war. We should be further on. This country should be free of the filth. I almost consider moving back home.

And yet. It is a cause worth fighting for, the only cause worth fighting for, and I do not question. I only wonder. We should have subjected them by now.

I have lost patience. But I can regain it.

There is something I can do. Severus may have ideas. He has finally purged Evans from his mind, I believe, which means he's finally of use.

We have not won and we have lost our share, more than we should have. The pure own this country, why do they not take control?


Mireille is very bright. It is astounding how easily children can learn languages; she has an astonishing comprehension of English, Swedish and French already. She will be two in a little over a month, but we mean for her to be well-prepared to attend Beauxbatons.

We treat Lukas the same, of course. He is more curious than Mireille was at this age -- she more wanted to be held or read to, he chooses to explore the house and the things within it instead. Marta has her hands full, as it is said. Children are a blessing, though.

Valentine's Day approaches and I think I am well-prepared, if my dearest happens to be reading.
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