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I know I should not mourn, and yet I do. Regulus Black is dead and I mourn him still, despite that there is no indication of how or why he is no longer with us. If he was unfaithful, then there is no reason to mourn -- he is no better than his brother at that point -- and this is sadly the most likely turn of events. The Black family is fallen.

I fear for Bella. She cared for Regulus very much, perhaps too much, and in the past few weeks she has been a madwoman. I will admit it is hard to reconcile our Regulus, such a faithful and eager servant, with this craven man who committed such a disappearing act. Still, my loyalty is firm, although I do wonder what might make him run.

I do not think these things around Bella. Bella does not hesitate to read those around her, whether they are aware of her talents or not.

Severus is now the Dark Lord's last real talent. By all indications he is being prepared to take on a very important role. I am glad for him.

I miss him still.
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