Rabastan Lestrange (meliority) wrote,
Rabastan Lestrange

I have returned to work, with no visible signs of what I have suffered either at the hands of my Lord or at the hands of the unmerciful deity who created my body to be so frail. I continue to search out possibilities for the ideas Alecto and I considered. The results are promising.

I cannot heal myself by will. I cannot outthink, outwit, or otherwise conquer my illness. One temporary cure as always remains and so as to remain capable of doing what I must, I must take that temporary cure.

One day this will stop being a problem.

I suspect James Potter will be dead within a few months if I know anything about the Dark Lord at all.

Things at home go well as they always have, though Lille appears to be suffering some sort of melancholy. I can fix that. Easily.
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