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She is so wonderfully pregnant. I'm not sure how pregnancy can be wonderful but it is, she's enjoying it too, and it's all going so well.

St. Mungo's is not so cheerful. St. Mungo's is very near Hell. However, I think that something can be done. My position isn't an easy one to do this from, but it's possible, more possible now than ever.

Dobbs is nothing. I can do this on my own.

Though I work in Administration and not the... hands-on sections, it is undeniable that St. Mungo's is growing astoundingly full of the sick. By all indications, this is rare. The usual ailment of a patient is the wrong potion ingredient, charm, or having been on the other end of such malice or idiocy.

I believe (as my dear wife has said) that there is merit to the theory put forth in The Daily Prophet, and I am glad to see the pages of such a reputable media source no longer clogged with conspiracy theories that could as easily be seen in The Anthem. Now, perhaps not all Muggles can spread such a thing, but to allow a Muggleborn to wander from world to world (or any of those who have regular contact with Muggles for whatever reason), and drag Muggle disease behind them, is just ludicrous in my opinion.

My wife and our child are in good health. All is well for me.
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