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Everything is perfect. We're married and the gifts were even perfect, the house itself is perfect, I can find nothing to complain about. I'm working at St. Mungo's and that is possibly the least satisfactory thing, if only due to the common people one has to put up with both as coworkers and as patients. At least I'm not required to lay a hand on any of them.

I can make a change here, and that's all I ask, is to be given the chance to make a change. I refuse to let some bleeding-heart blood traitor get in my way. I respect Mr Dobbs and his attempts, but he was not good enough. Caution is necessary, and pride needs restraint, or it will all end badly.

I yet have concern for Hogwarts, though not as much as I had before. I'll keep in touch with those who remain there.

Maman is already mentioning children. I must confess I do not find myself surprised.

I find myself to be well-suited to the atmosphere of St. Mungo's administration. Though I would help those with the dirtier work if I had to, I appreciate my much cleaner work at the moment. I can only hope and work towards things getting better, if that is at all possible.

My wife and I are now living in Dorset, a lovely house on the coast, and everything is rather peaceful. Many thanks to those who sent us gifts, we have found ourselves pleased with the majority of them.
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