Rabastan Lestrange (meliority) wrote,
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In one week, I will be married.

We looked in Dorset and a few houses were satisfactory. One caught my attention; large, with a good view, and space for a library. She seemed pleased enough with it. That, I think, would be a wonderful wedding gift.

It is good to find something to distract myself with.

I am pleased with how it appears to be turning out, and how it is bound to end. Of course, we will see.

Rodolphus, I would like to speak to you at your convenience.
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I would be willing to bet that your convenience would be better suited than mine, mon frère.
It isn't so difficult, Maman is handling most of it. I'm not the businessman.
...as she should be.

In that case, I'm free most afternoons after two but I suppose if you twist my arm I might make a lunch date for you.