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It is abundantly clear what Regulus was doing and what he is. I knew at that moment, I had always known, and now it is more evident than ever. I attempted to imitate the things that I'm reasonably sure he's attempting, and came up against great difficulties. The mental strain is difficult, the physical pain is substantial (and I have come up against physical pain, oh yes), and the lack of control is more than I can stand.

It says something about Regulus, that he is willing to give himself over to the Dark Arts so fully and without a thought. He lives a life of inner deference to foreign power and external defiance to anyone who dares impose their will. But is he out of my hands? Can I seek to control him, if not destroy him?

If I wait, he may just destroy himself.

My NEWT scores were satisfactory; not perfect, but close enough that I may forgive myself for my few, yet important, mistakes. Man is fallible, after all. They will suffice to get me where I need to be.

Twenty-seven days until our wedding. It does not seem like six months or more since I proposed, yet here we are. Things are moving along well, and I would expect no less.

In short, things are as they should be.
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